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Occasionally it is great to send out an article related to real estate that explains one of the tax benefits.  In this case it is the investor, who really can be anyone who has a rental property, or is thinking of buying one. 
The 1031 exchange has been used for years to avoid paying taxes on the sale of real estate.  The the article below while brief, does offer a nice summary of this rule.

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Your Home is the Safest & Fastest Path to Financial Security – Wealth Building – Retirement Solutions

The most important workshop you will ever attend. It is critical to your financial future whether you are single, married, rent or own a home, are 20 or 80. Financial literacy is a must to navigate successfully the years in front of you, whether starting out or preparing for retirement. No invitations for fancy dinners and pitches to buy annuities or investments, just simple education for my private clients and friends, presented in a fast paced, light atmosphere setting.

Why do the rich get richer, and poor get poorer? It is literacy, handed down OR, LEARNED that makes the difference. Anyone with a desire to learn and some discipline with a plan/coaching, can be successful in building financial resources, even live or retire in style!

You will learn:

  • Why your 401K will not let you retire
  • Why renting is a disaster and how to buy with $500.00.
  • Why your home is the primary path to financial security and successful retirement
  • Should you pay your house off sooner than later?
  • Is real estate forming another bubble?
  • What an average person’s expenses today will look like in 5,10, 20, 30 years
  • What an average person’s investments may look like in 5, 10, 20, 30 years
  • Should you sell and relocate to another state?
  • How medical issues could upset the whole apple cart
  • If you inherit a property or receive a lump sum of cash what you should do?
  • Should you buy a rental property or rent out your residence and buy another home to move into….
  • Can you do all this without saving money? Often yes! (Caution)

Each of these areas are a workshop in itself, but we will cover enough of each to give you a basic understanding and hopefully some amazing solutions. This is a positive workshop with the best tools for success. Yes we will share the pain, but once understood, there is awesome gain!

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Education: Ransomware

I receive a monthly update from Malwarebytes, a subscription of software that I maintain, ever since December of 2015.  I guess Ransomware thought it was time to give me my Christmas present. Fortunately, I had a week old back up, but I still had to replace two hard drives, since everything was encrypted, and what a nuisance and expense!  So, I thought I would pass this along for your review.

It is long, but very informative, if you have not got yourself up to speed on this.  🙂 [Read more…]

Seven Legal Documents You Need to Execute Before You Die

It’s not fun — planning for your death or mental incapacity and what will happen to your family and finances if something should happen to you!

There are horror stories of families torn apart because there were no legal documents outlining the person’s wishes.

Here is a list of the documents that estate planning attorneys recommend that you have in place.

1. Last Will & Testament:

Who will receive your assets? Who will take care of minor children? Who will be the executor of your will to make sure that your wishes are followed? All important things to consider. But, remember, it can be changed at any time. [Read more…]