Don Parsons Awarded 5-Star Mortgage Professional Status

Five Star Professional partnered with Orange Coast magazine to identify real estate, mortgage and insurance professionals in the Orange County area who deliver outstanding service and client satisfaction. The Five Star Professional research team contacted thousands of recent homebuyers, as well as other consumers.

Clients may also submit evaluations online. Phone, mail and online responses rated their service professional on criteria such as overall satisfaction and whether they would recommend the provider to a friend. The research methodology allows no more than 7 percent of professional in each category to receive the award.

Don Parsons (Certified Mortgage Planner) received the coveted Five Star Mortgage Professional honor for 2014.


Don Parsons’ Home Digest Newsletter Sep-Nov 2014

Be sure to checkout the latest news and information in the September-November 2014 Edition of my Home Digest Newsletter. The newsletter is packed with useful information, tips and strategies to benefit your personal and financial life. Among the many topics covered are eliminating mortgage insurance, IRS scam, solar power, personal safety and more. Here is a table of contents for this issue.

  • sep-nov-2014-tnUp Close & Personal
  • Thinking Solar Power
  • About Reverse Mortgages
  • Buyers & Sellers Jump in Now?
  • IRS Scam
  • Healthiest Spring Buying Season in 3 Years
  • 3 Ways to Eliminate Mortgage Insurance
  • A Penthouse for Your Pet
  • Saving Lots of Money & Bad Experiences
  • Free NFL Football Schedules
  • Personal Safety
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Don Parson’s Home Digest – Sep – Nov 2013

newsletterHEY! (Duck Dynasty) Finally some oxygen……until this last 60 days there was none in this industry but I have a breather now and it is time for some updates and important articles.

To those of you who have been following me for a decade or three, a home update on family and pets; Dustin, one of our boys, married Kristen, his goalie, in August of last year. After graduating from Wichita State she and Dustin were able to locate in San Pedro, CA (30 minutes away) and continue her master’s work locally and his new job, recruiting for the Air Force. (if you know someone interested in military service)

Dillon, his twin had come back to the states from his home base in Germany, settling in Abilene; probably so he could buy a cowboy hat and some boots. After about a year there he just got deployed again. Both are doing well with their respective tasks. Lauren continues to beautify folks at the Porcelain Hair Studio in Huntington Beach, ( and in her spare time is training for her second body building competition (figure category).

Thelma manages the empty nest, helps with my accounting, walks 3-5 miles several days a week with her friends along the beach and does personal training a couple times a week.  Yours truly is finalizing arduous preparations for a 3rd degree brown belt test in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo style Karate, at the internationally renowned Bob White Karate Studios in Costa Mesa, CA.  The next promotion, however, for Black Belt, will be a piece of  cake… just like crossing the Red Sea or raising Lazarus.

On the dog front; Lilybelle (mini-schnauzer) and Jack (Yorkie) are still with us.  You may remember Lilly lost her mate Oscar (also mini-schnauzer) about two to three years ago which about broker our hearts and a little over a year ago we had to let Perrita, our rescue shepherd, join Oscar in doggie heaven,
for the second heart rendering day.  However Lauren’s “crazy dog” Jameson, another Yorkie, visits often, providing plenty of entertainment.  And not to be outdone in this category, Dustin & Kristin relocated here with Bailey, an English Bulldog/Terrior mix that is the sweetest bit of cyclone in a dog’s body of the whole group.  Lastly, Thelma and I were able to work in a Kona trip last year and a few skiing and fishing trips to Mammoth this year, partially with the kids.

What fun, God is good!

Don & Fam

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