Consumer Warning: IRS Scams

This just received from my CPA today and is very timely for your clients and family. Feel free to pass along.

As a heads-up to you, there is a pervasive scam that you should be aware of. People across the country are receiving phone calls that, at first blush, appear to be from the IRS. Please be advised that the IRS does NOT call people regarding tax returns, unpaid taxes, or any other matter. They will always contact you by mail (U.S. Postal Service). The IRS will not threaten you, they will not ask for bank or credit card information, nor will they ask for other personal information. If you should happen to receive such a call please hang up immediately. Then go to the IRS website and type in “scam.” Or you may call the Treasury Inspector General at 1-800-366-4484. They will then give you instructions on what to do. This scam has become a widespread problem, especially targeting the elderly, immigrants, and high income individuals.

Anytime you receive any correspondence from the IRS or FTB, first take a deep breath, and then call your CPA or accountant. Many times the correspondence is just asking for more information, or is in error.

I trust this information is helpful for you and your clients.

– Don Parsons