Thank you, Thank you 🙂 You are Great! I will spent my lifetime giving out referrals for you, Job Well Done!

Boy & Ann Eddington

Sent from my iPad


You guys are great and I am so grateful for both of you.

Warmest regards,
Kathy Kalaf


Joseph mentioned that you did awesome stuff getting his house…

All in all – you’re spot on with the inquiries I’ll have forward looking. I’m so grateful that you have the insight and mastery that you do. The marketplace and financial union that connects it, is a labyrinth that requires expertise, so no doubt questions will arise, so thank you.

Jeremy Green


Thank you! This transaction has definitely made me appreciate the professionalism, expertise, and encouragement provided by you as well as Vanessa. Thank you all so much for making this happen for us! We are so happy and will definitely refer you to anyone who asks (and anyone who doesn’t ask too!)

Jennifer & Orlando Vega


Absolutely love Don Parsons. He went above and beyond to get us financed to buy our condo. He worked all New Year’s weekend to get us pre-approved in order to get the purchase of our condo. Thank you Don for your unselfishness during the holiday season. I will definitely recommend Don every chance I get. Thank you and God Bless.

Nina & Robert Mossett


Thank you Don, you are indeed the best! You and your team, and everyone involved totally rocked this thing! Great job everyone!

From my ever grateful heart,
Shellyanne & Jim Helm

Don and Vanessa were outstanding! They held my hand all the way through the process. I couldn’t have chosen a better person to handle this for me!!!

Valerie Boulter

Always the best! This is the fourth loan we have had. Don is great, honest and reliable. Vanessa is a rock star in her patience and professionalism. Thank you!!!

Beverly Decane

It is always a pleasure to work with Don & Vanessa. They do what they say when they say and provide guidance throughout the process. Not enough good things to say. Thank you.

Jeff & Shannon Farina

Hi Don,

…and another thank you, Vanessa and all your staff for so skillfully guiding us through this process.

Have a great rest of your summer.

Thank you,

Mary and Truedy

Thank you Don. I am so happy you will help my daughter! Thank you, thank you! After she talked with you, she said she felt like it was a family member she was talking with! I am not surprised! So relieved you can give her the information she needs to buy her first home.


Donna Carson

Don and Vanessa have worked on several loans with us. The most recent loan they made for us was the one with the toughest conditions and they were communicated to Don up front. He worked diligently to get the needed information together and close the loan in spite of the circumstances. Kudos to both of you for coming through again!!

Steve & Hyerie Dimestico

Really impressed with your care/service on our REFI from DAY 1, and will highly recommend you to our friends/neighbors!


Darren Varieur

We really appreciate Don Parsons experience, knowledge and professionalism. He helped my husband and myself tremendously when we decided to refinance. We cannot thank him enough!!!!
Jeff & Nancy Gutierrez

I feel soo very blessed and my husband is looking down a happy man! …. I could not be more grateful for the both of you leading me on this unexpected journey….Thank you from the bottom of my ??


Dear Don and Vanessa,

Thank you!

And again thank you for your knowledgeable and sound advice as we navigated through
the loan process with you.

Kind Regards,

Mike and Irma Black

Don was absolutely amazing to work with! He was very informative every step of the way and has great communication skills. Don even took the time to get to know me as a person as well. I still can’t believe how quickly and efficiently he works. Don was always two steps ahead of me, the realtor, and escrow. Don and his assistant Vanessa went the extra mile to get us to close escrow in 21 days. I highly recommend working with Don!

Amber & Jeremiah Fellows

Hello Don,

Yes I have retired. I’ve sold the Fontana home and moved to Seattle. I have just finished my second year here, very happily. My two daughters, husbands, and two grandchildren (9 and 7 years)?? are doing great. I have had an unbelievable two years watching the GK’s grow up day by day instead of twice a year. I have attached a picture of me and my Grandchildren.

I trust you and your family are doing well!

Thanks for all your help and advice over the past 17 years!

Your friend, Bob Merwin

You are the best thank you!! That’s why I didn’t even want to talk to (another lender) cause I don’t trust them like I trust you!! Have a great night!!

Jessica Houpt

Don and his team are outstanding, they have done multiple loans for us and we recommend them to anyone we can. Absolutely top of the line service.

Jason & Kristy Erselius

Good Morning Don and Vanessa,

We are back from our mini vacation to see the update of funding. We went away on Thursday with no fear that everything was on track and taken care of! Thank you for everything, once again!

Scott and Kaylynn

I enjoy working with you and your staff. Everyone has been responsive and professional. Thanks for getting this done so seamlessly!

Lynn & Teresa Dobosy

Don Parsons is my favorite lender. He was recommended by one of my
very best friends in the world who has worked with him on refinances and
purchases for many years. He helped me with a couple of difficult
transactions. My real estate agent (a 30 year veteran) said that she
thought his work was remarkable.

Sarah Davis, attorney

Thank you for what you’ve done so far! This has made the process a lot less scary. 🙂

Shannon & Jason Hagan

Hi Don,

Thanks for all of your help! You and Vanessa really make the process easy!

Jennifer Vega


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You are wonderful and we are so grateful for you outstanding effort in our refinance – you are truly amazing,

Don, thank you for your advice and guidance through our situation. We are so thankful for you! Vanessa, you are the best of the best! You make a re-fi fun 

Again, our thanks to you both! Until next time 


Jim & Shellyanne Helm

Don and Vanessa, you are knowledgeable, patient and friendly and this “human touch” makes a world of difference when navigating through an important transaction like the purchase of a home. Don\’s estimate of closing costs was spot-on and there was no question that we were being treated fairly. We could not be more pleased and we look forward to working with you again.

Dave and Emily Denny

We appreciated the patience and desire to make sure we understood the forms and process. The contacts with Don and Vanessa were very helpful.

Gernot Winkler & Laura Tyson

Hi Don,

Thanks for everything you and Vanessa have done for us with the house and refinancing. You guys help make the process understandable and painless. I look forward to working with you guys in the future.

Henry W.

This lender for our buyer has just been terrible. Make me appreciate you guys that much more!
R. Busch

This is a great letter, Don, but I can tell you have bought yourself a lot of time as a guidance counselor, not only for Windy and Chris, but mainly for me, too. I appreciate your comments about timing of escrow, too.

It’s nice to have a lender who looks so deeply into these matters!

T. Coutts (Realtor)

The level of knowledge, communication, and professionalism from our loan officer, Don Parsons, was as high of a rating as you could possibly give. His assistant Vanessa was also just as good. The perfect team really! Anytime we can give a referral, we will.

Mr. Di Somma

Wow…what a feeling!

I think I speak for Mark in thanking you all for the fine work you all did! This process was a long time coming over 4 years ago, but Lord knows why He had us wait until now. Thank God and the amazing team that made it all happen for us!

Terry (Realtor) you truly have been AMAZING and your words and advice kept me so grounded through this emotional roller coaster, and for your patience with us through it all. I admire you and so glad to have an individual like you in our lives. Thank you so much!

Don and Vanessa – thank you for the knowledge and seamless process through such a complex transaction. I know that because of you, our level of anxiety was greatly lessened and the experience was a great one for us!

God bless all of you for being the individuals and amazing team you are!

Thank you, now our journey begins…
The Di Somma’s

I responded to a request from Commerce shortly after closing for a review of my experience, and I meant what I said. It was a pleasure working with you and Vanessa and I’m very glad I had you both on my team to help navigate the process.

– Andrew Domer

Well Don, Andrew said even during the most difficult times you were terrific. I neglected to tell him how stressful this process could be and that it was quite possible things could get delayed. Of course, any delay had nothing to do with you and he was extremely pleased, as is obvious by the survey. Thanks so much for taking care of my baby boy! 😉

– Nancy Domer, Realtor

Working with Don Parsons was a pleasure. As a first-time buyer, the expertise, patience and diligence shown by Don and! Vanessa was invaluable to me. Over many phone calls and emails, they were always knowledgeable, courteous and on top of the process. They helped me navigate the complicated and, at times, stressful process, and did so always with a friendly attitude. At the end of the day, I was able to close on the home I wanted in the time frame I needed. I have no doubt that having Don and Vanessa on my team played a big part in that success.

– Andrew Domer, atty

Thanks, Don, for everything. We really appreciate all your help along the way. We couldn’t do it without you.

Thanks again,

– Marc & Heather Violett

Thanks for all your help over the years Don.

I’ve always trusted you and believed you had my best interests at heart.

– Kathey Merical

Hi Don,

Thanks for all your hard work. I think you have given my client wise counsel. Thanks for making me look good!

Terry Fisher, Realtor

Don and Vanessa,

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you both again for all of your efforts in helping us secure our new mortgage. This was a project I really wanted to complete this year and has now put us in a position to start finalizing some of our other financial objectives given that we have three kids that will be headed to college in the years to come. Even though finalizing those financial objectives can require setting some challenging goals, the setting of those goals would not have been possible without first securing/finalizing this new long term mortgage. Again, thank you for helping realize that first critical goal.

In addition, I would also like to thank you for the card and box of cookies you had sent to the house. Please know that they were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone here…

Thanks again and I will be sure to mention our experience to anyone we know who is even remotely thinking about a mortgage.

Take care and best regards,


Thank You to You Both! It has been an Excellent Experience to work with you both.

Sharon Sullivan

Thank you one last time for the quick turn around and great service closing the refinance – it was great working with you both.

Dave & Emily Denny

Vic & I want to express our gratitude for making the loan happen. Your professionalism and good nature made what otherwise could have been stressful and negative process, which it was not.

Dan & Vic

I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me and my family. I really appreciated your patience during the chaotic stuff. Thank you and if ever I need more financial help I will certainly be calling you in the future. I wish you all the best.

John & Jackie Moot

We were so thrilled that we were finally able to work with you and successfully refinance. It took a lot of patience and perseverance on all of our parts in this crazy market 🙂

Thank you for hanging in there with us.

I hope you have had a wonderful summer.



Don proved to be a trusted, experienced and very professional loan expert. Worked with me on a very difficult credit situation and delivered beyond my expectations. Will strongly recommend to others!

Victor & Sharon Pinsker

Taken care of professionally

Brian & Jill Edwards

Don, Vanessa, and the whole team are just wonderful! Both with the purchase of our home last year, and our refinance this year, we could not be happier or more appreciative of the wonderful service we have received! From start to finish our loan process was easy and fast, and any questions we had were always answered instantly! Thank you so much for all of your help! We will never go anywhere else for any future loan endeavors!

Kaylynn and Scott Hamm

Don and Vanessa are awesome, helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

Theodore & Cheryl Sutton

Don & Vanessa,

Thank you so very much for all of your help during our transition in selling our home!

We truly appreciate all of your help and your input! This is has been the most stressful time, and not just because of the formalities of selling a home, but also a lot of little things that happened along the way!……

We can’t thank you both enough! You’ve communicated with us more than the escrow officer, or our agents have, which has just made this entire process a sour note with Brad and me… not fun!

Thank you again!!!

Again we appreciate all of your help and your patience!

Brad and Cindy Howard

(Note by Don: we had no part in the sale, just gave them some sage counsel along the way when requested and recommendations they implemented-we do this for our clients even when they do not have a need for a new loan-professional courtesy)

Don has done 3 loans for Dave and I and I trust him implicitly. I hope he can help you refinance. He and his staff are really great to work with……

David & Marguerite Cochran

Responsive, proactive, personal and friendly. Thank you!

Jeff & Kelli Williamson

Hi Don,
Thank you for your help and getting this done so quickly.

Jeff & Kelli

Every part of my process was very easy, even my Realtor was impressed with how smoothly things went.

Kylie Robertson

Don & Vanessa,

Thanks for all your help and of course you will be my go-to referral for all things of this nature. 🙂 Your effort and attention to detail was MUCH appreciated.

Katie Roche

Thank you Don!

You are the best!!!

Jean Li, Realtor

We felt very well taken care of, and Vanessa and you were great to work with!

Jenny Fairman

Don: Your explanation and analysis is enlightening and valuable. Know that the extra time you spent writing and carefully discussing each point was understood. I appreciate that I was able to follow what you wanted me to know.

Andrew Lee

Dear Don,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Don has helped me on many occasions from obtaining Real Estate loans to advise on personal financial matters. He is the person I can count on to tell me the real truth about a situation. He also helped me clean up the mess when I made a huge mistake. He is a wonderful asset to have on your side.

Kathryn Merical”

Service Category: Financial Advisor

The process was handled professionally and expeditiously. We were not pushed into making a decision but were given all the facts and allowed to make our decision without any pressure.

Gernot Winkler & Laura Tyson

Vanessa Weiss and Don Parsons both provided continuous updates on the loan and funding process. Vanessa’s attention to detail and anticipation of required documents streamlined the process. Additionally, on the days before closing the loan, Vanessa was in constant contact with the escrow company, allowing us to close and fund on time. I have worked with Don and Vanessa on previous occasions and returned to them to complete this loan. I trust them and plan to work with them in the future.

Fredrik & Inga Thorell

What was offered initially was delivered 100%. Continuous personable and professional communication even for me with a hectic schedule was effective and helpful.

Ed Tovar

Thank you Don. I just have to ask you because I don’t believe what others say. We are yours forever. Ha Ha. Praying always that you and your family and all your staff are blessed and doing well. Thanks for being there as always.

Joe & Nina Marsala

You are a class act – the clients of mine that you work with all love you.

Ron & Barb, CPA’s

Thank you Don, don’t know what we would do without you. God Bless you and take care of you and all your loved ones always. Along with Vanessa and her loved ones, those two little girls are so precious. We have a saying in the family for each other as we leave our homes etc. we say “Angels all around you.” I say “God precious Angels all around you.”

Your best customer Nina and Joe


Thank you again for everything! You were wonderful to work with and we truly appreciate it.

Chris & Amanda Flanigan

September 23, 2013

Wow, great!

Vanessa, thank you so much for all your follow up and extra efforts in contacting our insurance carrier, coming to our house for loan docs, etc. You have been excellent this entire process, and Candi & I really appreciate that. You’ve made the process a lot less stressful than I remember it being w/ our original loan.

Don, thank you as well for all your expertise, and walking us through our options from the outset. We felt very informed—not only when we were ready to move forward with our loan, but also in the past when you’ve taken the time to go over our situation and there was no business to be had.

Thanks again to both of you. Have a great week!

– Randy & Candi Busch

August 14, 2013

Don, Thank you very much for all of the info you provided today. I think I learned more about mortgages and loans in one hour than I have in 10-years. I appreciate the straightforward explanation of each step and factor involved. (loan closed)

Thank you,

– Jeff Farina


Linda and I received your note yesterday. Thank you for the kind words.
It was quite a journey, but calm waters ahead now. We know that without you, we never would have made it thru. You should take great pride in what you do even though I know how discouraging it must be sometimes. Keep it up with others as you did for Linda and me. You make survival in these times of uncertainty a lot easier for the rest of us.
May God bless you.

– Glenn & Linda Ormseth

Thanks… U guys were great!

– Thad & Christina Garner

September 23, 2013

July 19, 2013

Don –

Thank you for this information ….. I appreciate all that you have done for us through your office – you are always terrific to work with.

– Julie Davis, CPA & client

July 16, 2013

Can’t believe that this reversed mortgage is almost complete!! It will feel so good for all of us! I want to say thank you for all you and Vanessa have done to make this “happen”.

You are great and so very blessed to have Vanessa. She is surely “on top” of things and whenever there is a question or crazy request from the bank, etc. she instantly knows what to do. She also makes the client so relaxed…and not to worry for she has it all in control. I know you treasure having a “gem” like her.

Thomas & Lynn Clark

Perfect, thx so much and overall great job to you and don on our re-fi!

If you need a reference for other customers feel free to refer them to me.

Go Boston Bruins!

Brian Slattery

July 16, 2013
YEAH !!!!!!!!!!

NO , Thank you Don , for being so understanding and willing to help me.
You got it handled for me and I appreciate it soooooo much.
BTW …Vanessa is awesome , but I think you already know that………
Your the BOMB!


May 8, 2013
You are our HERO!!!
Thank you for your excellent and professional service, both by you and Vanessa.

… we would definitely refer you to our friends and family. It was a great experience!!!
– Michael & DebbieThornton

January 29, 2013
Yahoo Don! You really went to bat for us. Thanks so much.
– Lynn Dobosy

January 2, 2013
Thank you for “staying in touch” all these years. If we ever need assistance with a mortgage – you will be the only person we call.
Susan & John Ford

December 8, 2012
My friend, Jeremy Daniel, is extremely happy with the help you have given him processing his refi. Thanks for taking care of him.
– Bob Merwin

December 6, 2012

Great news – thanks for turning this so quickly on your end – we are very pleased and impressed!

Allen & Valerie Thomas

November 27, 2012
Refi Guru Extraordinaire!

Dear Don, Vanessa,

Thank you again for your hard work and the patience on our behalf. We are truly
very grateful to each of you.
The Bergs

November 29, 2012
Your thank you note…….prompted me to finally write and thank you and Vanessa, et al. a relatively painless refi experience. We will definitely be calling on you first in the future for our mortgage needs should the occasion arise.

Thanks again,

Alison Urbank

November 13, 2012
All the thanks belongs to you! I appreciate your great customer service!!!
Kim Pernell

Oct. 30, 2012
Hi Don,

Just had to say that’s awesome!..


October 29, 2012
Hi Don,

I just spoke to you a few minutes ago and I think I forgot to thank you, so thank you. Service was great, as usual.
Judy Gaspora

October 26, 2012
You and your team are miracle workers! We can never express our gratitude to you.

P. S. Vanessa is amazing!

Thank you!


October 24, 2012
Hi Don

Thanks for all your help and putting my mind at ease. I was a little cautious about doing this but you made me feel okay about refinancing…….. Thanks again for all your help.

Marie Palacios-Rios

October 22, 2012
Good morning Don,

Just wanted to thank you so much for our refinance! You, Vanessa and your entire office staff were so very helpful and nice to deal with. Absolutely, PAINLESS! I will certainly send all interested friends to your office.

Have a good day!
Virginia (and Bob) Naeve

October 22, 2012

We are more than happy with your prompt and professional service, and as such will happily refer people to you as we are asked about doing re-fis or purchases by friends in the future. There will be more. 😉

Thanks, -Will Cohens

Don, once again, my thanks for your help and support in this matter. My daughter is right; you are truly a wonderful, reliable resource.

Stu Lerner

>>>My father, Stu Lerner, spoke with you recently about the possibility of me buying a house in the San Jose area. He has told me what a reliable resource you have been for he and Jeanne over the years, and that you could provide me with loan pre-approval services.

Lora Lerner

October 1, 2012

Just want to thank you for notifying us about the change in interest rates. And you and Vanessa made it relatively painless in helping with the paperwork.

Thanks to both of you!

Chris Nelson


October 1, 2012

You and your team were awesome!


September 20, 2012

I told Bob i was pleased he referred to you. you definitely are a
professional in the mtg industry ! and appreciate you taking care of this.
Good luck …

enjoy your evening.

(acct. exec with major national bank)

September 17, 2012

Hi, Don. Just a quick note to tell you that you and your staff did an exceptional job on my two recent refinances. Everything went smoothly, better than any other refi I’ve had done.

~ Diana Carmel

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Don Parsons and his associates. It is with genuine enthusiasm that I highly commend Don for his diligence and determination in providing the best financial advice and services to me and my family. Don is an individual full of integrity that I sincerely trust. His commitment to my best interest can be seen in his faithful follow-up and guidance throughout the entire refinance process.

He did an incredible job making me feel like I was the most important client to him prior, during, and after the singing of papers. He is extremely knowledgeable and educated in his field of work while clearly communicating the proper strategies and plans to ensure my financial success. I know who my adviser will be for the rest of my life and highly recommend Don Parsons to anyone who is seeking the best.

Don understands the “little things” that contribute to the big picture. His compassionate gifts and letters we received during the stressful waiting period won over my wife as well. One phone call with Don and you will get a taste of his determination to help you succeed. Most of all I appreciated Don’s ability to relate to me, my needs, and apprehensions at this stage in my life.

As a collegiate volleyball coach I feel it always to be important to know why we train a certain way or why a certain strategy against an opponent will be successful. Many principals, evaluations, and statistics are used. As a result, I have been a part of 5 national championships. I feel the moral and ethical principals, the personal evaluation, and the mature knowledge of the “system” allows Don to know the why in any given circumstance. He is an expert in these key qualities.

Finally, there is a strong sense of humility behind Don’s confidence to provide the best service for you. For the best friendly and professional advice when it comes to you and your family finances, I highly recommend Don Parsons.


Ryan McGuyre
Head Volleyball Coach
California Baptist University


Hi Don,

I just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation. I attended one of your seminars in October of 2005 on how to use the equity in your home to your advantage. This was just what I needed to “get moving” in the right direction. As you know we have a house and a rental property that we have owned for many years, had quite a bit of equity built up, but wasn’t being utilized to our advantage.

After attending your seminar and reading the book. I have finally discovered the impetus that got me moving in the right direction. I am especially appreciative of your arranging a meeting with you and who is, as we speak, reviewing my financial status and applying all of the basic rules discussed in your book to come up with the financial strategy for my family.

I am looking to further leverage my equity by doing a 1031 exchange on my rental property into a higher end neighborhood. At that point, you have kindly offered to meet with me again to discuss leveraging the additional equity. This is a totally new, and sometimes scary, way of re-thinking all the rules I was taught growing up such as “own your home outright”, so I have needed a slight adjustment period, But so easy to understand and the concept is so simple I’m surprised more people aren’t taking advantage of this great opportunity!

Thanks again!

Lianne Matthews, RN, BSN, MBA,CPHQ



I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks. As you recall when we came into your office after going to one of your seminars, we were financially, babes in the woods. Your seminar got us thinking seriously about reexamining our entire financial future. With your help, we have made major strides in our strategies, including changing accountants, financial advisors, and refinancing our home to take advantage of strategic “future” thinking. We are so happy with the steps we have taken and the help you have provided us throughout the process. Your guidance and constant attention has made all of the difference. I hope others will avail themselves of your kindness and expertise to help them understand the potential of their hard work and earnings to plan for the future.

Thank you so very much!

Steve and Marilyn Carroll


This seminar was very enlightening. Don really knows what he is talking about… is able to present it in terms that anyone can understand. We took advantage of his great advice are on our way to a better future and retirement. Thanks Don !!!

From Chris & Donna Henninger


You want to put your financial future in the hands of somebody you trust. Don Parsons has proven himself to be trustworthy in the past, which is why we even considered attending his mortgage seminar. The concepts we heard were clear and logical, but a lot different than anything we had heard before. Don took the time to answer our questions without pressure, and kept us informed through each part of the process. There are very few people whose financial advice we trust. Don Parsons is one of them.

Mike & Diane Bechtel