Why Buy Real Estate?

Happy Saturday!

YES, Why Buy Real Estate?

When you talk with a client and attempt to encourage them to buy real estate, whether it is their first home or a second home or an investment property what can you say that is convincing? When talking to a clerk, your auto mechanic, hairstylist, acquaintance or friend, what can you say or do that will captivate their attention or create a “NEED” to inquire further to get information that will absolutely “convince” them that they need to buy, “regardless of the market”?

There are only two aspects of this that really matter:

Shelter, or Financial.

But, you can rent and have shelter, so what are the “financial” aspects that would convince a person to buy? You might say “tax advantages” or “appreciation”.  So how do you say this or demonstrate this with conviction and unsurpassed credibility? We all have told clients these things and often point to the rise in real estate prices.  But what about the crash? Or the 90’s when real estate dropped temporarily.  How do you handle these times?

I am currently teaching a handful of Realtors the truth about Real Estate, the only viable option for financial security and successful retirement. There are 5 Economic Benefits of Real Estate. They can be taught quickly and in a way that with proper coaching can open doors for you and dozens of your existing clients, clients who are NOT now looking to buy or sell.  This is a group you already have built trust with, have access to, and are just waiting for this information.  But they do not have a messenger with this good news, at least yet! So while you are fighting and scraping to compete with your peers for that limited group of folks currently buying and selling, maybe you could pick up your game with a whole new strategy.  One that has been proven over the last few months to totally transform your business and change the lives of your clients for generations!

There is nothing to buy, but teamwork/partnership is the name of the game. I will help you and you can help me, doing what we do every day as experts in the real estate and lending business. Man, I love this business!!!!!!

If you are serious about your future and you want to compete with this new tsunami of discount real estate companies and agents like Rex, Purple Bricks, TenX, Redfin, Zillow (who you thought was your friend) then time is of the essence.  Contact me to discuss what is definitely missing in the way you do business currently and what is beginning to shape the two camps of Realtors as we speak; the chasing “discounters” or the Intellectual Camp, the Realtors who have a clear message articulated in a convincing provable way.  Never before has this message been able to be delivered in such a convincing way.  It will not matter what rates are or what direction values are headed.

E-mail me if you plan on staying in this business in a financially meaningful way.

I trust this Saturday becomes different than any other Saturday of your life!  🙂

– Don